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Course Overview

Throughout this course, participants will delve into the intricacies of Python, starting from the ground up. We'll explore basic programming principles such as data types, structures, loops, conditionals, and functions. As the course progresses, we'll venture into more advanced topics including desktop applications, unit testing, object-oriented programming, and an introduction to data science.


      • Understand simple data types and structures in Python
      • Master conditional statements, loops, and functions
      • Learn about exception handling
      • Explore file and directory manipulation
      • Dive into object-oriented programming concepts
      • Build desktop applications and apps
      • Get an introductory glimpse into the world of Data Science
      • Implement unit testing for robust code development


To excel in this course, a basic understanding of mathematics (arithmetic, algebra, statistics) and logical thinking is recommended. These foundational skills will be instrumental, particularly as we delve into more complex programming concepts, especially in the domain of data science.


Designed for professionals from diverse backgrounds, this course caters to anyone keen on acquiring a solid foundation in Python programming. Whether you seek to enhance your software development skills or incorporate programming expertise into your current responsibilities, this course is crafted to fulfill your objectives.

Deliverables :

  • 4 days of live instructor-led training in a virtual classroom environment
  • Access to comprehensive instructional slide decks
  • Online course-provided labs for hands-on practice
  • Certificate of completion upon successfully finishing the course
  • 6 months’ access to our digital content repository
  • Proctored Certification Voucher from Python Institute, valid for 12 months with 1 attempt, ensuring recognition of your expertise in Python programming.

Price: $ 1999/-

Join us and unlock the power of Python to transform your career trajectory today!

Monday through Thursday 5PM PST/8PM EST 2 hours per day

Course Schedules

Course ID:Python Programming

Format: Virtual Live including Virtual Labs

Python Programming

Duration: 5 days

Batch Size: Minimum of 5 students or Maximum of 25 students

Instructor: Keeran Kenny / Justin Read

Dates: Monday through Thursday 5PM PST/8PM EST 2 hours per day

Keeran is an accomplished technologist with extensive expertise in enterprise data warehousing, data management, business intelligence, and analytics. His professional journey includes notable tenures with esteemed organizations such as B/E Aerospace, Gilead Sciences, and TCS. Additionally, Keeran has contributed his knowledge and skills as an instructor for Oracle University, where he imparted comprehensive guidance on building repositories, reports, and dashboards. Presently, Keeran holds the esteemed position of Master Instructor for GenAI at Step Ahead, showcasing his commitment to advancing knowledge and proficiency in artificial intelligence within the industry. His rich background and instructional experience underscore his standing as a seasoned professional in the field.

Justin Read is a veteran of the tech industry, having worked at companies such as Meta and multiple unicorn start-ups. Justin also enjoys teaching programming in his spare time. He is currently an adjunct instructor at De Anza College and teaches courses in C++ and Python.