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Cyber Security as a Service Risk Management Framework Awareness and Training Synchronized Security Assessments CMMC Guidance & Implementation

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Step Ahead Offering SMBs manageable and cost-effective cybersecurity solutions based on their size, budget, and specific needs.

Our approach emphasizes collaborative management, operational, and technical functions, providing comprehensive protection. We integrate CMMC practice controls into every service, recognizing that both federal and commercial contractors require the same level of security, mentoring, and guidance in the digital landscape. Our subscription-based services operate on a per-user basis with a 12-month commitment, allowing flexibility for cancellations (non-prorated charges apply for the canceled month). Secure your digital journey with Step Ahead today!

Foundation Security is a significant benefit that the Acutis Enclave brings to Step Ahead. With the Acutis Enclave, Step Ahead ensures authorized access for users, roles, and responsibilities, as well as managing privileges and external connections. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) enhances identification and authentication, adding an extra layer of protection to sensitive systems and information. Moreover, the enclave establishes secure perimeters and segregates public information access, safeguarding all endpoints like laptops, mobile devices, and servers. This robust foundation security guarantees the utmost protection for Step Ahead and its clients, setting the stage for a secure digital journey.

Managed Security encompasses a comprehensive range of enhanced access privileges such as separation of duties, least privilege, and password management. With a focus on zero trust, user session behavior is carefully managed through session locks, tracking unsuccessful login attempts, and timely session terminations. This offering includes wireless access authorization and protection for mobile devices, alongside crucial cybersecurity awareness training, Phishing simulations, and system auditing for user accountability and audit failure prevention. Additionally there is vigilant system monitoring and baselining, enforced security configuration management, and regular vulnerability scanning to safeguard data at rest, ensuring a robust defense against potential threats. 

Advanced security includes data privacy and security notices, encrypted sensitive data on all devices, and limited portable storage use. With strict remote access confidentiality and routing, along with privileged remote access controls, your information remains secure. We handle identifiers with care and offer cybersecurity training on insider threats, audit correlation, and reduction. Our time source sync, user-installed software management, and routine maintenance ensure the integrity of your systems. Incident handling, media protection, and personnel screening minimize risks, while facility monitoring and risk assessments guarantee a safe environment. Count on us for robust vulnerability remediation, a plan of actions, and secure key and mobile code management. The advanced security shields your data from unauthorized use, ensuring peace of mind for your business.

Optimized Security prioritizes your protection with advanced measures. We manage and protect audit records, segregate nonessential functions, and enforce strict change management access restrictions. Security impact analysis and meticulous systems maintenance controls are executed to ensure resilience. Our authentication methods incorporate relay-resistant and cryptographically protected passwords with obscure feedback for added security. Enhanced media protection includes encryption for shared media and portable storage. With periodic security control monitoring and detailed reports, we proactively fine-tune your security. Advanced systems communication strategies, including split tunneling and encryption by data classifications, strengthen your defense. Collaborative device control, VoIP, communications authenticity, and monitoring against threats further fortify your safety. 

Besides, the customer has the ability to request additional on demand penetration testing for an additional charge as and when required. This comes with a complete report and recommendations for both internal and external systems.

Step Ahead’s Cybersecurity Awareness Training and Phishing Services feature KnowBe4’s specialized training, complete with phishing simulations, tailored to meet your specific requirements and industry. The program spans 12 months to ensure sustained and comprehensive learning. Commitment to the full duration is advised, as tangible improvements in user behavior are typically observed after 6 months, with the full benefits realized by the end of the 12-month period. Join us on this transformative journey to empower your team and fortify your organization against phishing attacks, cultivating a safer digital environment for your operations

Step Ahead’s Business Continuity Planning and Management services are designed to prioritize uninterrupted productivity and operations, with a specific focus on safeguarding your productivity suite. Our expert teams diligently plan and execute robust business continuity strategies tailored to your unique needs and industry requirements. We work relentlessly to identify potential risks and develop comprehensive contingency plans, ensuring your organization is well-prepared to navigate any unforeseen challenges. By partnering with Step Ahead, your business gains the resilience and preparedness necessary to thrive, even in times of adversity, securing a successful path forward for your productivity suite and overall operations.

Our expert team specializes in configuring robust security features and customizing add-ons to fortify your Google Workspace environment. With a focus on data classifications and location-based access, we tailor the solution to match your specific needs, ensuring a fortified and secure platform for your organization. Count on Step Ahead to optimize your Google Workspace solutions, providing you with enhanced protection and peace of mind for your business operations.

Discover Step Ahead’s IT Audit & Compliance Management Services! Our skilled team conducts comprehensive compliance assessments through tools or in-depth customer engagements, delving into your systems to deliver detailed reports and valuable recommendations. The duration and cost of our services are flexible and negotiable, tailored to suit the size and complexity of your organization. We offer standard rates for running tools and generating reports, ensuring transparent and cost-effective solutions for your IT audit and compliance needs. Partner with Step Ahead to ensure a secure and compliant IT environment for your business.

As a precursor to our Managed Detection Response (MDR), we deploy cutting-edge tools to generate incident response events, enabling us to programmatically fine-tune our cybersecurity tools for enhanced threat detection and remediation. Detailed reports and expert recommendations are promptly presented to you, keeping you informed and empowered. In the event of an active threat situation, our dedicated MDR services come into play, where we bring in top-notch threat analysts based in the US, ensuring your security is in the hands of skilled US citizens working on US soil. The MDR services are tailored to your specific needs and are charged hourly, ensuring you get the exact level of protection required to safeguard your business. Trust Step Ahead to be your reliable partner in proactively defending against cyber threats and ensuring a secure digital environment for your organization.

We offer comprehensive penetration testing to ensure the resilience of your systems. Our expert team conducts thorough assessments, identifying potential vulnerabilities and simulating real-world attacks to evaluate your defenses. Rest assured that you’ll receive detailed reports and expert recommendations, enabling you to proactively address any weaknesses and fortify your security measures. With Step Ahead’s penetration testing, you can confidently stay one step ahead of potential threats, safeguarding your business and data with confidence.