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Google Workspace

Solutions to collaborate, and secure your organization so you can save time, money, and focus on your business

What is secure Google Workspace?

Cloud services are a shared responsibility. Customer responsible for compliance and security of application data.

SaaS application security is common across all industries with a ton of configurations mostly set at default.

Your organization is unique and has a special place in your market. Your security is paramount to your success. How can you consider something that is common across?

Step Ahead’s unique controls based security approach toward Google Workspace deployment is a cut above the notch!

Step Ahead Google Workspace Secure Approach


Multi-layered security controls in series scans, evaluates and mitigates every attack that occurs before it goes to the next layer. Every layer is configured to thwart an attack.



Add Security at every Network Layer
A recent report found that businesses experienced an average of nine or more DNS-based attacks in 2020, which is a 34% increase over the previous year’s data.

63% of organizations suffered application downtime


45% had their websites compromised


Just over a quarter (27%) experienced business downtime as a direct consequence


26% of businesses lost brand equity due to DNS attacks


The costs associated with a DNS attack went up 49%.


1 in 5 businesses lost over $1 million per DNS attack.

With numbers this high, you don’t even need to do the math to see how preventing DNS attacks could make all the difference to a business’ success (not to mention survival).

What is Google Workspace?

Everything you need to get anything done, now in one place: introducing Google Workspace. Whether you’re at home or at work, it’s the best way to create, communicate, and collaborate. Google Workspace seamlessly brings together messaging, meetings, docs, and tasks. Familiar tools; fewer distractions; more time to make it happen.

How is Google Workspace different?

Step Ahead Google Workspace Camparison table

Google workspace reduces costs

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Step Ahead Value

Google adopts a shared responsibility security model with Google Workspace. Google provides security for the infrastructure of their products and services but the customer is still responsible for the security of the data they put on the infrastructure. Step Ahead’s value is in helping customers bridge this security gap in the shared responsibility model

How Do We Secure Google Workspace?

Step 1

Define challenges with current productivity suite.

Step 2

Define security challenges and high value assets that need to be protected.

Step 3

Advice and expose CMMC maturity levels to protect corporate data.

Step 4

Expose all or some of the 171 NIST controls for CSF as appropriate for the customer

Step 5

Secure connection, devices, and data with Sophos synchronized security and zero trust network access. Enhance email security with Sophos Email.

Step 6

Provide 6 months of employee basic cybersecurity hygiene through KnowBe4 Cybersecurity Awareness training. Integrate Google Workspace with KnowBe4. Configure training content, schedule, monitor, deliver, evaluate, report, and enhance cyber hygiene of your user base. Train through various means – simulation labs, embed phishing hooks, videos, games, webinars, infographics, 1 pagers and more.

Step 7

Secure Google Workspace perimeter with Sophos Cloud Optix

Step 8

Secure Google Drive by partitioning access through security labels and added encryptions

Step 9

Configure and manage mobile devices accessing Google Workspace through Sophos