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Cyber Security Awareness 98% of cyber attacks rely on social engineering 61% of small business with less than 250 employees were the targets of cyber-attacks

Cyber Security Awareness

Social Engineering – the clever manipulation of human tendency to trust; making you believe that everything is fine. But people are no longer the problem, though they are the weakest link. They are the attack vectors.

More than half of all company data breaches are caused by the online negligence of staff members, contractors, and third-party vendors. Such incidents are likely to increase as more and more employees work from remote locations, often using personal devices. It is projected that approximately half of all workers will work remotely at least part-time by 2020. With the onset of COVID-19, we will experience a dramatic paradigm shift in the way we interact and do business in the future. Remote work from home is going to be the new normal.

Step Ahead Cybersecurity Awareness and Training Program

There are simple things you can do to prevent major cyber security breaches in your organization. First of the many things is to provide cyber security awareness and training.

Step Ahead does this differently – our cybersecurity awareness training is an annual subscription model not a one-time effort. We strongly believe that cybersecurity hygiene is not something you learn by going to a class once a year like most companies do. Instead, we strive to make cybersecurity hygiene a second nature for your employees.

Awareness and Training program custom configured as per customer needs

Year long subscription re-enforces concepts and trains every employee to the accepted level of competence

Content in the form of movie serials, videos, ppt, docs, blogs, reports Simulation labs

Constant monitoring of competence level

AI infused training recommendations and scoring

Comprehensive analytics on awareness and training across the organization

Content development by top notch cyber security awareness experts.

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