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Skills Training Courses

With Step Ahead skills training courses, opportunities are only limited by your imagination. Regardless of your field of expertise, Step Ahead offers training courses that speak to your needs and reflect the latest standards, technologies, approaches, most innovative methods, and practical examples.

Delivery Formats

Self Study

In this format, the student will have access to KATE LMS and the elearning content with slide notes and related documents that could be downloaded are available to the student with no time limit for access. Lifetime access. The size of the content is defined by the duration of the course. Some courses are for 1 or 2 days or 3 days or more. The size of the content will be related to the number of days for a course. The examination voucher will be valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. The content will contain slides, notes, links to websites and document PDF to download. No video content will be provided. Q & A is provided with a 48 hour window.


In this format, the content will be in the form of videos, slides, links to websites and downloadable PDF documents. The size of the content will be proportional to the duration of the course. The OnDemand content will be available to the student for lifetime, however the examination voucher has a time limit of 12 months. The OnDemand content will be delivered through KATE LMS. Q & A is provided with a 48 hour window.

Virtual Live

In this format, the course will be delivered using KATE LMS and a live instructor remotely using a video conferencing in a classroom setting. The content will be delivered for the specified number of days for the designated course. Email communication with the instructor during and after the course. Downloadable content and web links will be provided to the students during the delivery of the course. Access to KATE LMS is for the duration of the course. Live Q and A.

Information Security

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Continuity, Resilience and Recovery

Risk Management

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