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Step Ahead - Security Controls and Secure Pathways

Security Controls
and Secure Pathways

Security Controls and Secure Pathways

Step Ahead Security models are driven by NIST 800-171 cyber security compliance mandate as required by the DoD. We extend military grade cyber security compliance and protection for all our customers in both government and commercial sectors.

In today’s computing environment, security is not an option anymore. You are not secured if you have all the security software protection in place, but in having a whole network of security professionals, state of the art cybersecurity tooling and constant updates of emerging threats and remediation, working around the clock protecting your systems.

Step Ahead brings a rich tapestry of excellence in cyber security and is served as a service model. We take a holistic approach towards security life cycle in every service we deliver. The risk management framework forms the  foundation for delivering ROI. Secure your pathways to cloud or on premise and run your business with confidence and peace of mind.

Risk Management Framework


Note: CNSS Instructions 1253 provides guidance for RMF Step 1 and 2 for National Security Systems (NSS).

Source: CSRC.NIST.Gov-Risk Management Framework

How it Works?



Begin with cyber security assessments for your organization. Cyber resilience review will set a baseline of your current cyber hygiene.



Step Ahead will perform analysis of your cyber resilience review and present the ‘current state’, discuss the ‘to be’ state and deliver a roadmap for building a cybersecurity profile for your organization.



From building a cybersecurity profile to implementing cybersecurity controls, the customer decides what is required.



Refine your paths to the secure cloud solutions, on-premise or cloud cybersecurity resilience with controls implemented on demand when required.