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Step Ahead - Secure Public Cloud

Secure Public

Secure Public Cloud

Test mission critical business applications. Our secure public cloud services will let you launch your cloud assets on demand from your custom configured system.

Secure and Reliable Public Cloud Solutions

Step Ahead - infrastructure as a service

Realize the cost efficiencies of AWS and Microsoft Azure consumption based utility pricing with no upfront costs by using infrastructure as a service.

Step Ahead - Secure personal system vaults

Secure personal system vaults per customer containing all your computing assets. They can be reconfigured and launched when required. Have access to only what you need.

Step Ahead - NIST 800-171 framework

Simply drag-and-drop so you can rapidly deploy secure, logically isolated compute, networking, and storage resources for your clients when they need and wrap them with NIST 800-171 framework.

Step Ahead - personal system vaults

Provision and deploy the virtual and physical configurations for your needs in minutes, not days or weeks. Store them in your own personal system vaults.

Fast, Simple & Easy to Use

It is delivered as a fully managed service model thereby allowing the customer to focus on their business while Step Ahead takes care of their cloud technology.

Intuitive Interface

Intuitive interface enables you to build, save and deploy complete application environments in minutes

Get It Right

Flexible provisioning processes help ensure you “get it right” the first time

Dynamic Cloud Services

On-the-fly modifications are supported for quick adjustments to meet your dynamic cloud services requirements

Step Ahead - Datacenters

Enterprise Class Infrastructure Hosted In World Class Datacenters:

Combining hardware from tier-1 vendors with our time-tested enterprise class cloud platform enables us to deliver an industry leading 99.99% availability service level agreement (SLA)

Step Ahead Secure Public cloud services powered by Xterity are deployed in world class, highly available, state-of-the-art facilities from industry leading datacenter hosting partners such as Equinix whose datacenters are designed, built and operated to meet the highest performance and security standards worldwide

The latest in networking technologies are leveraged to deliver highly secure, high-performance networks with a flexible range of bandwidth and connectivity options.

Our multiple cloud locations are geographically dispersed to ensure your client’s data residency and latency requirements are satisfied

Reliable Support You Can Count On:

Step Ahead 24x7x365 technical support included at no additional cost

No answering machines, no third-party answering service, our engineers answer your call

A recent customer survey (289 respondents) revealed that our customers are very satisfied with the support they receive from our partner care engineers: --

Survey results from Service desk ticket responsiveness –

97.6% responded average, good or excellent

Engineer knowledge: 99% responded average, good or excellent

Resolution quality: 97.2% responded average, good or excellent

Straightforward Step Ahead support portal for cloud provisioning, monitoring, documentation, videos and trouble ticketing