Step Ahead - Secure Private Cloud

Secure Private

Secure Private Cloud

Everything from the most mission critical multi-tier applications, to network storage for your comprehensive cloud hardware stack, can be run on dedicated compute resources.


User Self-service and instant provisioning

Replaces the labor-intensive process of configuring and provisioning infrastructure for your users with an intuitive, self-service portal that lets your users design, provision, and deploy the computing assets made available to them by the IT administrator. These assets can include both internal resources and public cloud services.

Secure Multi-Tenancy

Secure Multi-Tenancy

Enables secure sharing of computing assets across departments and users.

security standards

Supports your corporate processes and security standards

Cloud Suite has a highly secure, roles-based environment that ensures compliance to your corporate processes and standards.

virtual servers

Supports for physical and virtual servers

Offer cloud services for all your applications and app layers, not just those that can run in virtual machines.

disaster recovery

Integrated N+1 high availability and disaster recovery

Cloud Suite includes integrated N+1 high availability and disaster recovery to provide the highest level of uptime. Cloud Suite's N+1 DR also makes it easy to test your DR process, reduces runbook instructions to a single page and gives you the peace of mind to know it will work if needed.

Lower Costs

Lower Costs

Cloud Suite optimizes the use of the hardware resources, eliminates the need for idle hardware for HA and DR, and consolidates many physical components. It also can reduce software license costs through consolidation and its HA/DR approach.

Open platform

The Open platform

Supports servers from all the major hardware vendors and market-leading hypervisors.

Secure Private Cloud

Secure Private Cloud

Dedicated compute resources for your comprehensive cloud hardware stack from network storage to compute for the most mission-critical, multi-tier applications with highly reliable performance.