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Cloud Migration

Easily migrate your existing physical and virtual servers into Step Ahead Secure Cloud with the default NIST 800-171 cyber security compliance.

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A Bimodal Approach to Cloud Strategy

Bimodal is the practice of managing two separate but coherent styles of work, one focused on predictability and the other on exploration.
Step Ahead - A Bimodal Approach to Cloud Strategy

Mapping Bimodal IT – Classification of your applications

Mode 1

Systems of Record

Low rate of change / Designed for stability and predictability

Mode 1 & Mode 2

Systems of Differentiation

Fast moving but fully controlled long term investments / Where goal is understood but path may not be

Mode 2

Systems of Innovation

Experimental and tightly controlled time and budget / Quick to succeed or fail

Cloud Migration – types of projects to consider

Systems of Differentiation

Product upgrades / App reconfigurations / Autonomous components / Testing scenarios / Product integrations / Management tools

Systems of Innovation

Proof of Concepts / Pilot projects / Prototypes / Application evaluations / Throw away products / New product developments

7 Steps to Cloud Migration

Cloud Assessment

Step 1 - Cloud Assessment

Agility, Cost, Reuse and Ease of use.

Cloud Migration

Step 3 - Cloud Migration


Cloud Characterizations

Step 5 - Cloud Characterizations

Elasticity, Auto Scaling, Automation.

Cloud Optimizations

Step 7 - Cloud Optimizations

Performance, Cost, Efficiency.

STP Cloud Experience

Step 2 - Cloud Experience

Pototype & Proof of concepts.

Cloud Migration

Step 4 - Cloud Migration


Cloud Compare

Step 6 - Cloud Compare

Cross Cloud Deployments.

Security Compliance and Options