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The CMMC-AB establishes and oversees a qualified, trained, and high-fidelity community of assessors and registered practitioners who can deliver consistent and informative assessments to participating organizations against a defined set of controls/best practices within the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Program.

Step Ahead is designated as RPO (Registered practitioner Provider Organization) and LTP (Licensed Training Provider) so that we could serve the whole ecosystem of universities, training organizations, corporates and individual RP consultants to use our LMS system to deliver consistent and authorized training content by CMMC-AB to the community.

There is a perception of extreme complexity when it comes to implementing CMMC for your organization. Step Ahead has stepped in to demystify the complex CMMC into something you can understand, implement and be compliant.

Step Ahead has incorporated the CMMC capabilities into our offerings through CMMC pre-assessments, CMMC-ML1 Readiness Assessment and e-learning training delivered through our highly secure LMS offered as a subscription based SaaS offering in AWS Cloud.

CMMC Compliance Journey

CMMC Compliance Journey

Step Ahead helps in implementing Adaptive Cybersecurity Ecosystem using the following products and solutions from our technology vendors as listed below that fits into the CMMC practices across ML1 through ML3

Step Ahead – CMMC-ML1 to ML3

Registered Practitioners (RP) at Step Ahead is your first line of consulting support for CMMC audit readiness for maturity levels 1 through 3. Step Ahead provides both management and technology capabilities that you can implement in your organization to be compliant. Step Ahead has developed CMMC elearning content that is delivered through our WildOats LMS (Learning Management System) as a SaaS model on subscription based. However the elearning training is deemed complete only after engaging with a minimum of 30 mandatory hours with the RP at Step Ahead to ensure objective evidence is identified for the respective domains at a maturity level for the organization.

Sophos Synchronized Security – Sophos is a worldwide leader in next-generation cybersecurity, protecting more than 500,000 organizations and millions of consumers in more than 150 countries from today’s most advanced cyberthreats. Powered by threat intelligence, AI and machine learning from SophosLabs and SophosAI, Sophos delivers a broad portfolio of advanced products and services to secure users, networks and endpoints against ransomware, malware, exploits, phishing and the wide range of other cyberattacks. Sophos provides a single integrated cloud-based management console, Sophos Central – the centerpiece of an adaptive cybersecurity ecosystem that features a centralized data lake that leverages a rich set of open APIs that Step Ahead has customized to enhance and integrate customer sites.

Datto – Business Continuity Management solutions incorporate backup appliances, virtual appliances and cloud data protection that leverage cutting edge technology to automate manual tasks, eliminate management complexity, and deliver tested hardware and software resilience.

KnowBe4 – Forrester Research has named KnowBe4 a Leader in the 2020 Forrester Wave For Security Awareness and Training Solutions. KnowBe4 is the world’s first and largest New-school security awareness training and simulated phishing platform that is offered as a subscription model that helps you manage the ongoing problem of social engineering. Step Ahead has mapped the cyber security awareness training to the NIST controls to ensure compliance requirements with CMMC practices.The KnowBe4 platform is user-friendly and intuitive.

LionGuard – provides an impressive suite of systems documentation and inspectors for network, systems, apps, cloud, end points and more and is tightly integrated with our our PSA automation to provide Step Ahead with a comprehensive insight into our customer systems and develop topline documentation of their system as per NIST requirements for its controls in asset management, system audits and documentation.

Our Integrated Security Solutions incorporates cybersecurity framework, management controls, technology solutions through tools and applications and comprehensive year long cybersecurity awareness training to totally secure your organization with military grade security.